Pictured Rocks Kayaking

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is indelibly ‘on the map’ as a premier kayaking destination.  It has become one of the most highly visited national parks for sea kayaking in the country.  Kayak enthusiasts from both coasts and around the world visit here to experience the unique beauty of our local sandstone formations found on Lake Superior.  Paddle into the realm of wild nature and exploration.

Our kayak tours are all designed with you in mind.  We meet at your SHUTTLE point.  You arrive right at your car after your tour, ready to set off on the rest of your Upper Peninsula adventure.  Your tour is all paddle time. After a safety presentation, we depart immediately.  We won’t keep you for 6 hours when you only paddle for 4 hours.  Helping you create exceptional memories with us and plenty of time to create more on your own.


We only do small group tours, keeping your health and safety as our primary goal.  We make it easy to enjoy a kayak tour at Pictured Rocks Adventure. Book your tour, follow the ‘what to bring’ guide on the tour page, and meet 60 minutes before your pre-booked tour to get in your boat and paddle.  That’s it.  We won’t keep you any longer than your paddle time once we’ve departed.  Our guides are serious about your safety and are well trained by seasoned, experienced guides.  We offer a 2 hour Miner’s Beach & Caves Kayak Tour, a 4 hour Miner’s Beach to Lover’s Leap Kayak Tour, and a Coastline Hike & Kayak Overnight Tour.


Experience the lakeshore day and night.  Enjoy epic sunsets after a hard days paddle or hike.  With several exit points from the trail on a hiking tour, overnight tours can be easily customized to suit your skill level and time frame.  Kayak overnights can be out and back, or one way.  All overnight bookings must be approved in advance.  We will help you plan your adventure to make the most of your time in the outdoors.

Small Groups

Our kayak tours mainly consist of 12 paddlers or less.  We paddle in smaller sized groups than other larger outfitters.  Paddling in small groups allows us to explore more areas and spend more time at each feature.  Small groups will enable guides the time to provide more personal attention to each client on the kayak tour.  Larger groups end up waiting in line for caves.  Private kayak tours can be accommodated by request as well.

Local Business

We are a local Northern Michigan kayaking business, and when you call or text us, you are speaking with the owner or one of our kayak guides.  If we can’t get your call immediately, please send a text, and we will respond personally and promptly, as soon as we are back on land.  Be sure to include your name, number, and brief description, we can get the details on the callback.  Remember, you must speak to management in order to cancel or alter a booked tour.


Here at Pictured Rocks Kayak, we aim to get adventure seekers on the water and off efficiently and safely.  Whether on the water or off the trail, you will have everything you need to enjoy your outdoor experiences with us.

Our kayak tours require a specific level of fitness, and the ability to swim is required.  Guests must be able to paddle for several hours, depending on the tour selected.  The 2-hour kayak tour is the recommended kayak tour for absolute beginners.  All tour times are approximate. If it takes a little longer to get to the good stuff, chances are we will row with it if weather and time allow.

All guides are certified kayak instructors by Pictured Rocks Adventure, and they make calls based on the safety of our guests. 

Cancellation & Refund Policies

Any Reservation that is canceled 24 hours in advance receives a full refund, and if weather cancels your tour, you also receive a full refund.  We try to give you at least 24 hours notice by text or email if the weather is a concern.

Tour Policies

We do our best to get you out to your desired location.  If the weather does not permit, we do not force you to go on a different kayak tour.  We will offer an alternative kayak tour, a chance to reschedule, or a 100% refund.  Paddlers must be fit and within 250 lbs.  You must be able to sit on the ground with your feet out in front of you and stand up unassisted.  IF YOU ARE LESS THAN FORTHCOMING ABOUT ANY ISSUE SUCH AS WEIGHT OR FITNESS LEVEL YOU CAN BE TURNED AWAY WITH NO REFUND.  IF YOU MISS THE SHUTTLE, THERE IS NO REFUND.  You cannot show up to the beach and get in a kayak because you were late.

About Us

Pictured Rocks Adventure LLC. Is guide-owned and operated.  The owner of the company will likely be on the beach or guiding your kayak tour.  The lead guides have all worked at least one season together, so group synergy is a given element.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Safety and Efficiency

Here at Pictured Rocks Adventure, we aim to get adventure seekers on the water and off efficiently and safely.  Whether on the water or off the trail, you will have everything you need to enjoy your outdoor experiences with us.  Pictured Rocks Adventure certifies all guides, and they make calls based on the safety of our guests.  Please, refer to our size and weight limit for paddlers based upon safety guidelines.  Before any tour, if we feel we can’t get you back into the kayak in the event of a capsize, we can’t take you. 

Pictured Rocks Kayak

What We Expect 

Guests must be able to paddle for several hours, depending on the tour selected.  The 2-hour kayak tour is the recommended tour for absolute beginners.  All tour times are approximate.  We reserve the right to cancel a tour for any reason.  We are not monsters, though, and we love kayaking, so even if it gets rough for you, chances are we will row with it.  If weather and time allow, we do our best to accommodate you.

Pictured Rocks Kayak


Munising, Michigan is a 5-hour drive from Lansing, 5 hours from Madison, and 7 hours from Minneapolis-St. Paul.  When you get to Munising, you are still a short drive away, about 20 minutes, from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Miner’s BeachOur Kayak Tours launch from Miner’s Beach, but you will need to meet your shuttle at Tanglewood Inn 1 hour early, and we shuttle you to the beach.  Upon your arrival, there are plenty of choices for food and lodging.  Options for shopping are the family fare or IGA for groceries.  Dining is also pleasantly prevalent, from Miners Pasties and Ice Cream to Camel Riders, there is an excellent spread to please most palettes.  Breakfast at the Bagel Place is customary if you are downtown and need a quick bite to assure you are on time for your shuttleFor a relaxing sit-down meal, we love the Tanglewood on M-28.  We will meet right next to the Tanglewood to shuttle you into the park, so breakfast or an after-paddle snack is a great amenity.  There is lodging at the Tanglewood as well.  Lunch or dinner at Taco Primo is an obligatory stop in for fantastic Mexican food.  If you are driving up from Michigan, one stop we love to make on highway 2 is MooFin Fries.  They have grass-fed burgers and fish sandwiches that are unreal. 

Pictured Rocks Kayak


 Our favorite campground in the area is Catchin Crickets.  They are an excellent choice for a rustic campground, and they have a large vacation rental as well.  They are located 10 miles from Miner’s Beach for your convenience.  The Park’s information station is located 6 miles off Highway H-58.  There is an upper overlook and lower overlook near Miner’s Beach.  And off to the right roughly 4 miles back is the access to Miner’s Beach.  All tours must be shuttled in, and we will coordinate that with you as you book the tour online.  After your kayak tour, there are some great sites to see.  There are several waterfalls ranging from a trickle at Munising Falls, to the longest in Michigan at Bridal veil Falls.  Hike the North Country Trail to get a few extra miles in and catch the sunset from Miner’s BeachMosquito BeachChapel Beach, or Twelvemile Beach.

Pictured Rocks Kayak


Things move a little slower in the Upper Penninsula.  Everything takes time to get to, driving around a lake instead of a straight line, and cell service is dodgy.  If you’re headed out, set the Google maps before you leave.  Maybe a screenshot of the directions.  Once you leave town, it’s hard to say if you get a signal depending on the carrier.  There’s bug seasons too. We have flies and mosquitoes.  A variety of bug spray work on the mosquitoes, but the black flies are more persistent, and the best way to prepare for black flies is a mosquito suit or mosquito netting.  There are many excellent places to go fishing, and you will need a Michigan Fishing license, which can be obtained online.  Whatever your pleasure, we are here to help you plan your vacation and are happy to answer any questions you may have.